Meet our Dedicated Team

Meet the team from Osteo Plus

Hedley J Chinn, Osteopath - Osteo Plus, Sydney

Hedley J Chinn, Osteopath

Location: Leichhardt

Hedley has 20 years of experience as an Osteopath. A graduate from the British School of Osteopathy, he has been practising and/or teaching in Sydney since 1998. For Hedley there is both science and art at the heart of a modern osteopathic clinic. “Research has given us a good map of the roads that explain the science of Osteopathy. The thing is though, life gets more interesting when the maps run out!”

Hedley is available 5 days a week (Mon-Fri) in Leichhardt

“About 2/3 of my week is spent working as a structural osteopath using the traditional osteopathic techniques. In the other 1/3 I give myself more time to look after more complicated and more subtle presentations, and also to concentrate on looking after children and babies.”

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Jen Hart, Osteopath - Osteo Plus, Sydney

Jen Hart, Osteopath

Location: Leichhardt

Jen qualified from The British School of Osteopathy in 2006. She worked in London and Northampton before relocating to Sydney and joined the team at Osteo Plus in 2009. Jen enjoys the many approaches to osteopathy. She keeps her self very busy with families, pregnancies, babies and the like. She looks after many of the female patients in Leichhardt.  Jen works in Leichhardt Tue Wed and Sat.

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Scott Harris, Massage Therapist - Osteo Plus, Sydney

Scott Harris, Massage Therapist

Location: Leichhardt

Scott spends much off his time tenderising tough patients in Leichhardt. Though he can hone his skills for massaging children. He loves his work and he is well respected for his approach. Patients are commonly heard to say: “Gees!  I thought I was doing ok until Scottie started!”

Scott works days with Hedley in Leichhardt but also offers early and late slots for massage clients.

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