One Fabulous Location

Osteo Plus – Leichhardt 2040

Osteo Plus Leichhardt 2040

Ground Floor
187 Marion St
NSW 2040

Tel 02 9518 0688

“OH NO!¬† Are you closing?”

The practice in Leichhardt has been in the same original setting for about 12 years now. It is our intention to relocate this year and close this practice. When we do though we will not move very far away. Perhaps we will be in Leichhardt again, or maybe Annandale, or Lilyfield or something. Certainly we will stay close. So if you heard that we are closing, well, perhaps relocating locally is a better description. Sorry for the scare! (had a lot of emails on this one)
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(Previously Osteo Plus was also in St Leonards
that practice closed in January 2015)