Welcome to Osteo Plus

Osteo Plus Leichhardt
now offers male and female Osteopaths!

Welcome onboard Katie Nancarrow.
At last Hedley and Scott have some decent competition in Leichhardt. Having ruled the roost for most of the last 8 years unchallenged ( and by roost we mean the 1995 inspired workshop for middle aged male practitioners! ) a fresh new face finally appears in Katie. We are very happy to welcome you onboard. We can’t wait to see what you do with the place. Good luck settling in and we hope you have an enjoyable stay.
Katie has pledged to help Hedley keep this promise:-

“It is our intention that all new patients and patients in acute pain be offered urgent osteopathic appointments so they may be seen within 48hrs!”
Appointments are offered Mondays through Fridays. With late appointments after 6pm offered on some days.

You can book your appointment live, now! (Though it is a little temperamental)

We only have 1 location now.

Osteo Plus – Leichhardt 2040
(Alive and Kicking! Will be celebrating 20 years of service to Leichhardt soon)

Osteo Plus Leichhardt 2040

Ground Floor
187 Marion St
NSW 2040
02 9518 0688

Osteo Plus – St Leonards 2065
Has closed and is as dead as a Cleesian Parrot